Soraya Zaman

About Soraya Zaman

Soraya Zaman is an Australian fashion photographer currently living in New York City. After graduating the University of Technology, Sydney with an economics degree, Soraya embarked on a year long journey taking her across the globe from Hong Kong to Cairo, entirely overland, with only a camera as company.  This journey ignited a passion for image making and when returned, Soraya took on further studies at the Australian Centre for Photography, graduating from a number of Master Classes. 

From 2007-09, Soraya assisted Derek Henderson, Beau Grealy and Pierre Toussaint, three of Australia’s premier fashion photographers, further refined the craft. In 2010, Soraya launched their own photography career which lead to a relocation to New York in 2013 where they now reside.

Soraya's photography is raw and emotive, effortlessly capturing moments. Famed for their versatility as a photographer, spanning fashion, documentary reportage and still life/environmental image making, Soraya's personal work explores notions of sexuality and gender.  Current projects include "American Boys" a documentation of the USA's trans-masculine community from all across the country, expanding the notions of binary gender rolls.